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miért a randstad?

randstad. nemzetközi tudásháló és jelenlét 38 piacon. széles körű network tehetséges szakemberek körében vezetői szintig. magas színvonalú, idő- és költséghatékony szolgáltatás. hosszú távú kapcsolat partnereinkkel és jelöltjeinkkel. testre szabott szolgáltatás. folyamatosan bővülő online közösségi hálózat.

In the last one year we had recruiting for Team Leader Area Manager and Marketing Loyalty Specialist. For both positions we received many candidates pre-screened by Randstad and at the end of the interviewing process an Assesment Center was organised and observed by them. We were very satisfied with the professional and administrative approach of Randstad. We could enhance and improve our organisation with their support.

Tibor Balogh - Company Executive of OMV

Our satisfaction itself long ago proved the excellent working relationship between Egis and Randstad. They react quickly to our flexible and variable needs and, according to our experiences, they perform in a reliable, rapid and effective manner. The key to our success is outstanding communication and claim knowledge; both being direct channels to candidate selection. We are and will work together with pleasure with the excellent Randstad experts and we recommend them to companies that want to receive qualitative and correct RPO services.

Annamária Talabér - Human Resources Manager of EGIS

They applied a strict multi round selection where they filtered and forwarded only the best potentialcandidates to us. They were flexible and proactive all the time which resulted in a very effective daily communication between our companies.Randstad presented us 3 very promising candidates out of which we successfully hired one for the global project director position who turned out to be one of our best decision so far.Overall we can say that we were satisfied with the service delivered by Randstad and we can advise to choose them for all those companies who are facing the same issue

Körmendi Tamás - CEO of Black Swan Data

I confirm that I have dealt with Randstad Hungary Ltd. since 2014 at CBRE, during which time they have provided my business with excellent support in the areas of personal assessment, recruitment and selection processes.
Their work has been a major factor in our business success, helping us to become one of the best Real Estate companies in Hungary. I can confidently recommend Randstad Hungary Ltd. as a highly qualified and proficient supplier, and experts in their field.

Lóránt Kibédi Varga - Managing Director of CBRE
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