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Randstad Hungary offers workforce-recruitment services both in the country, and, thanks to the vast network of the Randstad Group, internationally.

our goal

Randstad has all knowledge and resources that are needed in a successful selection process. Our goal is to provide both our clients and candidates a service that is honest, high quality and cost efficient, overreaching even their wildest dreams.

why randstad?

We aim to find the best candidates on the job market and help them to take the best step in their careers. Throughout the years we have built a huge database of professional candidates.

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Randstad differs from the other consulting and recruitment agencies. Our consultants are specialists in their field, and they source and select the professionals of their area of expertise. In short this means that our consultant specialising in engineering recruits engineers, the IT-specialist for IT professionals and so on. This expertise helps us finding the ideal candidate for the given position.

Our database is also strengthened by international recruitment which can provide networking tools and candidate recommendation system besides the online and print advertisement.  


Randstad uses many different methods for selecting the best candidates: our own database, advertisements on our website, different online job portals, networking events, both organized by us and attended ones, university databases and our own national and international relations and partners. We believe that the combination of these methods leads to the best and fastest result, may it be the careful search for a given position or great recruitment for a bigger project.


In the last one year we had recruiting for Team Leader Area Manager and Marketing Loyalty Specialist. For both positions we received many candidates pre-screened by Randstad and at the end of the interviewing process an Assesment Center was organised and observed by them. We were very satisfied with the professional and administrative approach of Randstad. We could enhance and improve our organisation with their support.

Tibor Balogh - Company Executive of OMV
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