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There can be a financial situation when you must lay off your colleagues whose return to the job market is not an easy task for many different reasons. Randstad Hungary helps you with the process with a caring discharge.


What is outplacement: a caring lay-off where we help the affected workers reintegrate into the labor market and get them back to work as soon as possible with the support of the employer.

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We believe that a caring discharge is the responsibility of every company in certain financial situations. This not only serves to help their laid-off employees but to send a positive message for their staying colleagues.
If you are interested in our outplacement services, please contact Zsuzsa Molnár-Szabó who has years of expertise in this field and can help you with your every question.

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Our outplacement service has been molded by our many years of expertise and by the customized needs of our clients. For this reason, we prefer to follow through the whole project from concept to end with close care.

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Our special consultants review the laid-off employees’ strengths, possible weaknesses and, if asked for, their foreign language skills during an interview at the beginning of the process. After a careful analysis, they give you a detailed description of the reviewed employees. We then follow up by personal career consultation where we help them find new positions as fast as possible with the knowledge of their potentials according to our review.


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Outplacement is not legally required in Hungary. Yet. Be a flagship company as an excellent reference for years to come.


Take action to improve the standard of living within the company.


We provide the widest network of contacts through the glasses of hundreds of our customers to those who contact us.


Why would you be the winner of dozens of entries? This is where we help our participants stand out with our personalized advice.

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In addition to a number of topics, we provide support, for example, in changing careers, learning about the Hungarian labor market, or developing competencies that have been neglected so far.


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