misconduct and fraud attempts

Randstad is an international organization with a global emphasis on excellence. As such, we expect all our representatives to behave ethically, lawfully and in accordance with our core values: to know, to serve, to trust, simultaneous promotion of all interests, and striving for perfection. As part of our culture of openness and accountability, we require all stakeholders to report any conduct that falls short of these values.

To assist the reporting of serious misconduct (including illegal activities, health and safety failures, and breaches of Randstad’s policies on appropriate behavior), we have established the Misconduct Reporting Procedure. Employees are encouraged first to raise their concerns with their manager or through another appropriate local reporting facility. 

Contact details of our Local Integrity Officer: +36 70 367 5253 ; +36 1 619 4243; hungarylocalintegrityofficer@randstad.hu

If this is likely to be ineffective or inappropriate, they should submit a report through the Randstad Group reporting facility, which consists of a secure webpage and a 24-hour telephone hotline, see contact information. Reports received through this channel are forwarded to the relevant Local Integrity Officer, who ensures that any report is dealt with quickly, fairly and lawfully. For more information, please view our FAQ.

All concerns are treated with strict confidentiality, and with the complete assurance that there will be no retaliation against any employee filing a complaint in good faith. Persons under investigation will be notified, and have the right both to respond to the allegations and to appeal against any adverse findings. Where serious misconduct is proven, management will take prompt and appropriate action. Data related to the report will be handled by the local integrity officer, in line with local data protection regulation. Data must be shared with local business managers by Randstad Group only in relation with the ongoing examination and can be used for anonymized statistics, reports. Time frame of data storage: 2 years. Those issuing a report, can exercise their data protection legal power according to the data privacy policies of Randstad.