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We always look for candidates with or without training for these positions. You can find our open positions on the website. Register yourself in the database and let us help you find a position!

worker support

Our team especially focuses on servicing production industry, logistics and call centre companies in Hungary and worldwide.

our offices

We have opened offices in Miskolc, Tatabánya and Debrecen, so we can be closer to these segments of the job market. Geographical proximity in these regions is well-regarded by clients and candidates alike.

We most often position candidates in trained blue-collar, administrative and customer service divisions for temporal and stable positions. Two-thirds of our clients return with new positions, a badge of quality for our services.

we have a special database in these positions:

administrative personnelcustomer service personnel
lift-fork drivermachine-handler
warehouse personnelcare and maintenance personnel
quality inspectortrained operator

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