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about our offices.

Randstad Hungary Centre Office

39 Lövőház Street Budapest 1024
2nd Floor Millenáris
Phone: +36 1 411 2090
E-mail: info@randstad.hu
Opening hours: CLOSED*

Tatabánya Office

21 Komáromi Street Tatabánya 2800
Phone: 0634200330
E-mail: tatabanya@randstad.hu
Opening hours: CLOSED*

Debrecen Office

79 Piac Street Debrecen 4029
Phone: 0613006688
E-mail: debrecen@randstad.hu
Opening hours: CLOSED*

Miskolc Office

13 Szemere Bertalan Street Miskolc 3530
Phone: +36 30 281 3989
E-mail: miskolc@randstad.hu
Opening hours: CLOSED*

*due to the current health situation our offices have been closed for an indefinite period of time.