we are mainly working from home but all our services are running smoothly.

Randstad has always been committed to spreading and consolidating the culture of health and safety in the workplace, promoting responsible behavior and actively working to preserve the health and safety of our direct colleagues, temporary workers, clients and candidates.

our precautions

you can count on us.

Our commitment is equally strong also in this emergency caused by the spread of Coronavirus, due to which we made several adjustments in our working methods.

While for now we have to practice social distancing we do our best to provide appropriate support for everyone during this difficult time, therefore instead of personal meetings we mostly arrange video interviews.  


precautions we installed in our offices.

For the sake of our colleagues', clients' and candidates' health, we introduced the following regulations:

- We conduct our candidate interviews and client meetings mostly online. If a meeting cannot be arranged online, we organize personal interviews with clear rules. 

-We kindly ask our clients' accompanists to wait outside of our office. 

-We provide disposable masks to our visitors, but advise them to bring their own. The disposable masks have to be thrown out in the trash can at our exit. 

-Our office can only be entered after a firm disinfection of the hands. 

-Please be aware of the regulation to keep 1,5 meter distance from everyone in our office. 

-There can be only two people waiting at our reception at a time. We kindly ask the newcomers to wait in the stairway until one of our visitors is escorted away. 

Let us jointly stop and prevent the spread of the virus.

Thank you for your cooperation!

opening hours.

We kindly ask you to check the availability of our office in person on our website and social media profiles.

Let us jointly stop and prevent the spread of the virus and protect those people who are most at risk.

May you have any further questions please turn to your Randstad account manager.

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