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A marketing team capable of handling the ever-changing customer and market landscape can be a great advantage for you. At Randstad, we have built a social network that can keep track of these changes and connect you with the ideal marketing specialist for your company.

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Hungary has an exceedingly large supply of marketing professionals, however, it can be challenging to find the best candidates for any given position from this deep pool. 

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May it be junior or senior staff member, trade or brand marketing, we can find your ideal candidate.  Our experience has shown that data marketing has become more prominent with its focus on consumer insight strategies. Another contemporary trend is the demand for professionals with a knowledge in web2 and social media.

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Our virtue lies in our large social network and toolkit, which helps us sourcing and selecting the cream of the marketing field, even on a short notice.

positions we already have expertise in:

marketing assistantproduct manager
brand manager PR specialist
trade marketing specialisttrade marketing manager
new media managercategory manager
merchandiserPR manager
shopper insight managermarketing manager
marketing director

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