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We have partaken in the construction of new shared service centers (SSCs), we have mapped and came to know the market, we have built an excellent relationship with our clients.

administration | business support

The BSA (Business Services and Assistance) team has always been a crucial part of Randstad Hungary. 


From the foundation of the company to the present, this field has always posed us interesting challenges: we have helped build new SSCs (Shared Service Centres), we have mapped and built a good relationship with the key players of the market, and we continue to insure with our constantly growing team that Randstad Hungary is our clients’ number one choice.

positions we already have experience in:

personal assistant
office manager

we are good at

  • positions with high language skill requirement
  • entry level and management positions for business assistance centres: client service, acquisition, HR, IT, sales support
  • special language requirements: dutch, german, italian, french, spanish, hebrew, polish, etc.
  • specialized consulting team with years of experience
  • flexible solutions tailor-made for our clients

solutions for SSC clients:

management of mass recruitment, even on short noticein-house (RPO) services
HR consultation and assistance from the ground uptable cell content 2 - 2RPO: taking over all HR responsibilities (recruitment, payments and benefits, HR administration)
market research of payments and benefitsorganisation and management of assessment centres (AC), including language skill testing

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