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While larger Hungarian companies have a good reputation about their strong management, fiscal stability and training opportunities, they have to improve at the most important factors according to workers: salaries and stable, long-term employment.

what makes talent tick

Insights into the needs of employees and job seekers help shape your organization's branding strategy and talent attraction & retention programs. Every year we conduct research on a host of topics and across geographies. The Randstad Award research dives into what people find attractive in an employer. It zooms in on preferred companies, sectors and 10 key attributes incl. salary, career progression and training.t.

awards ceremony

This was the third time the Randstad Award for the most attractive employer of the year has been given out. As the years before this, car companies became the most popular choices, although there has been a change int he placements: this year, Audi Hungaria was the number one employer. More than 63 % of Hungarian employees would like to work for Audi, while 61 % would like to have a position at Mercedes-Benz.

ladies choose Audi, gentlemen prefer Mercedes

According to the largest study into employer branding, Audi Hungaria became the number one company in many different fields: employees chose it as the most reliable company in long-term safety and as being the most open to training opportunities. Workers also agreed that the Mercedes factory of Kecskemét has the best career choices, has a strong leadership and is the best in financial safety. “For men, financial safety and building their career is the most important issue, which is why Mercedes is their first pick for employee, while women prefer Audi” Sandor Baja explained. For women, finding a balance between work and personal life is more important, so is the good work environment and flexible options.    

the winners

Hungary’s most attractive employer: Audi Hungaria

The strongest management and most popular among men: Mercedes-Benz

Most attractive, fully Hungarian company: Szerencsejáték Zrt.

all data combined

Service is more popular than the car industry

Although the first two slots of the study were taken by two car companies, industry-wise service providers have a better reputation. Most Hungarian employees would prefer to work here, as opposed to car, pharmaceutical and chemical industries. Both men and women chose the service sector to be the most attractive, only the younger generation (18-24) opted for the auto industry.




The employees seem to think that the best salary can be earned in the service industry. It also has a reputation nationwide as having a good environment and many interesting opportunities

Sandor Baja 

special awards:

most attractive employer - banks: OTP Bank

most attractive employer – pharmaceutical-chemical: Richter Gedeon

most attractive employer – retails: DM

most attractive employer – industrial-manufacturing: Lego

most attractive employer – energy and utility service: MOL

most attractive employer – FMCG: Nestlé

mest known employer – Tesco