moving people forward.

The study, made in the 23 countries representing three quarters of the Earth’s economy made it clear that bigger companies actually lag behind on the issues deemed most important by the workforce.

awards ceremony

This was the third time the Randstad Award for the most attractive employer of the year has been given out in the great hall of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences: this year, Mercedes proved to be the most popular choice for Hungarian employees. The Kecskemét-based factory only beat Audi, the other car big car company by 1.5 percent. 67.58 percent of the responders would work for Mercedes, 66.08 percent would gladly choose the other German owned company. 

Because of the economical upswing, employees look for a better salary and a good work environment, but employers keep stressing on career and training opportunities. With the end of the recession it has become easier to change jobs, that is why it is important for companies to keep the talents in.

the winners of Randstad Awards 2015:

Winner of the Randstad Award prize, Hungary’s most attractive employer: Mercedes-Benz

Hungary second attractive employer: AUDI Hungária

Hungary third attractive employer: IBM

service rather than cars

While the popularity of the auto industry has continued to rise, in 2015 the service industry became the most attractive. Audi and Mercedes only kept their lead in the regions near their factories: Nyugat-Dunántúl (Western Transdanubia), Észak-Alföld (Northern Great Plains) and Dél-Alföld (Southern Great Plains), the other four regions became dominated by companies in the service industry.

special awards:

most attractive employer – pharmaceutical-chemical: Richter Gedeon
most attractive employer – retails: DM
most attractive employer – industrial-manufacturing: Samsung
most attractive employer – energy and utility service: MOL
most attractive employer – FMCG: Nestlé
best known employer – Tesco