Our IT-specialists not only help your company with their technological know-how, but they can be an integral part of your team. We guarantee you to find and recruit the best IT professionals for your company!


If you are looking for IT professionals capable of handling and/or developing your infrastructure, coding and operating your software or working through a whole IT project, Randstad IT can help!

With more than 11 years of expertise and a database encompassing almost 300.000 trained professionals we can put forward the best candidates for your company.

We look for IT-personnel for stable and temporal positions or for contractual projects in the fields listed below.

Why choose us:

We offer you customised recruitment options; we keep an eye out for both the knowledge and the personality of the candidate, so when trusting us, we deliver you the ideal candidate, not just the one with the best sounding achievements.

We have an all-encompassing database of information about the availability, preparedness and demands of each candidate and can advise you on setting a realistic approach of finding the best new colleagues for you.

Our results speak for themselves. Our satisfied clients include small start-ups and well-known, multinational companies with thousands of employees.

Randstad is the world’s second largest HR consulting firm with the international experience that comes with this, but it t also includes the know-how of the local job market that is needed for a successful recruitment.

 Fields we have previous experience in:

  • Software development, design, testing and operation
  • Development and operation of infrastructure
  • System development and market research
  • Project management
  • ERP development, operation and consulting
  • IT security


Contact us for more information and report your need of an IT professional today!

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