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Our team specializing in pharmaceutical recruitment has a vast knowledge and network of the field. Our large personal database can find the qualified and specialised candidate even for the most requiring, special positions.


Our Pharmaceutical Industry Recruitment Team has a deep knowledge of the field and its key figures. Our vast social network has helped us finding highly qualified professionals with a special and rare field for the most challenging positions too.

By 2016, we can safely say that we have become one of the strongest consulting firms specializing in pharmaceutical recruitment, thanks to our deep pool of candidates and vast clientele. From the smaller commercial businesses to the big, generic and innovative producing companies, including apothecary chains and service centres. We believe that the key of our success is in specialization and networking. The formation of the pharmaceutical team, now in its fourth year, has shown to be a huge success. We can now build an even better relationship with our clients.


 Position we already have expertise in:

  • Medical Specialist Representative
  • Key Account Manager in Diagnostics
  • Apothecary Representative
  • Medical Science Liaison
  • Nurse
  • Brand Manager
  • Commercial director
  • Entry level position with a degree in healthcare
  • CRA – Monitor
  • Pharmacovigilance
  • Regulatory Associate
  • Channel Partner Manager
  • Analyst, HPLC analyst, microbiological analyst
  • Quality controller and documentator
  • Chemical and biological engineer 

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