„Randstad has contributed to developing our organization in different levels. In 2012 a completely new Finance Department was built within two months, based on profiles fitting into collaboration with our financial shared service center. In the recent period of time we have hired mid-managers in finance (i.e. Revenue manager), in HR (i.e. HR Services manager) and in sales (i.e. Trade Marketing manager) delivered by Randstad. At our great satisfaction Randstad successfully provided winning candidates for us in two senior manager positions; in finance (Finance director) and in corporate affairs (Corporate affairs and communication director).

 We keep continuing business relationship with Randstad, based on the professionalism and flexibility they have proven. We recommend them to any other company looking for the best candidates in the labor market for any kind of seniority or expertise.”


Diós László - Human Resources Director

„In the period applicable Randstad was able to find new employees for our commercial, operational and financial departments. The recruitments fulfilled covered the level of office personnel, outside sales, process and business controlling areas as well as two management team members (Executive Search).

The most important differentiators we notice in our cooperation with Randstad are the involvement of Randstad’s Management Team, the understanding of our needs by the Randstad staff and the enthusiasm and dedication to find us the best suitable candidates. In daily operations it means we have efficient search procedures and most of the candidates that we invite for the interviews are fitting our criteria’s of knowledge, experience and attitude. Certainly the requirements for attitude of the candidates are a well understood by Randstad and in this field they are able to filter the candidates that fit into our company culture.”


Vincent van der Meijden - Managing Director




„From 2015 we also widened our scope for technical functions of which Randstad is one of the preferred suppliers and was willing to cooperate us in these field of functions as well.

Our requirements were challenging, we expect people to develop themselves as well as the organization and who can inspire their teams. In those rare cases that we were not completely convinced about the candidate, there was no hesitation at Randstad to look further until we were completely satisfied. The young dynamic team of Randstad was able to find the right candidates with the right qualifications in due time.

As a summarization we see our cooperation with Randstad as a good lasting Partnership.”


Terry Flokstra - Managing Director Finance & HRM


„We were very much impressed by Randstad's good understanding of our need (briefing and candidate profile), the quick delivery of the applicants (search process) and the quality of those.

We are satisfied with the recruited Director - however, he is still new in his role. But we are confident that we have found the appropriate person for this strategic role in our region - with your efficient help and support.

I think the whole process went extraordinary quick, smooth and in a great atmosphere.

We would like to thank you very much and looking forward to other future co-operations between our companies.”


Tamás Antal - Managing Director, CEE & Russia


„We turned to them because we needed a new sourcing channel and a proactive networking based recruitment.

Randstad employees were flexible in terms of the job intakes and personal meetings with the line managers. Their up-to-date knowledge about the Hungarian job market trends were practical and useful for us.

The consultants of Randstad were able to understand our needs and they were able to present good and well-fitting professionals in a relatively short period of time. Their communication was focused and showed professional expertise. The recruitment procedures were well-structured and well managed.

We are satisfied with their services and professionalism and the hiring hit rate is optimal.

According to our experience we would recommend Randstad for financial recruitment services because even in difficult situations they are able to discover good professionals on the market.”

Zsuzsanna Emri - HR Director


 „Randstad allowed us also to increase our agility to understand more deeply the cultural context of the country.

 All this facilitated the local transformation and the renewal of our human resource capital way of thinking and mindset in this difficult environment.

On the top of all that, Randstad community is dynamic and it is always a pleasure to work together.”


Jean-Luc Vandenbrouck - CFO


„The cooperation has been carried out in the proper manner, to the best of our ability and in accordance with the world wide standards. The Randstad Hungary consultants showed a high level of substantive knowledge of the human resources management/recruitment issues and the specifics of the market in Hungary and international working environment in general. We found the Randstad’s consultants, have showed a very deep knowledge of the organizational structures in business, which helped in establishing a good, substantive relationship with the managers involved in the process and the management of Skanska Property Hungary and Skanska CDE (regional structure). This resulted in the projects being completed in the expected time period with a highest quality of service.

The recruitment processes have been managed always with the highest quality and utmost care securing Skanska brand and interest. In addition, all Randstad Hungary consultants worked with great personal commitment which also influenced and motivated all candidates and our team.”

Grzegorz Strutynski - Managing Director        Katarzyna Olczak - HR Director



„As we had done search projects on middle management level very successfully with Randstad in the past, we assigned the search for the Managing Director of GoodMills Magyarország also to them, and we did not regret it. They applied a very professional approach, were very responsive to our input, and managed the entire process very well. Within four weeks we received the shortlist, and the candidates were highly qualified and very well selected against the defined profile. Randstad stayed in close contact with all candidates throughout the whole process and communication cycle. Their advice on terms and conditions was very valuable, and we consider the project a full success.”

Julia Schrammel - Director International HR



„Over the years we have been working with many of their consultants and ail of them helped us a great deal in finding the best talent available at the given time and have impressed us with their excellent customer service skills, timely response and candidate quality. They have recruited for almost all of our Budapest-based products such as Accounts Payable, HR Shared Services, Procurement, IT, Customer Service and for our banking areas as well. Positions range from entry to Senior Vice President level and the profiles have become even more difficult over the years, as we migrated more value-added services to the center.

In addition to normal recruitment, Randstad consultants have been always helpful in providing market intelligence, supporting future growth.

Hereby, we would like to thank them the excellent service they provide.”


Krisztina Pusztai - Recruitment Head


„They applied a strict multi round selection where they filtered and forwarded only the best potential

candidates to us. They were flexible and proactive all the time which resulted in a very effective daily communication between our companies.

Randstad presented us 3 very promising candidates out of which we successfully hired one for the global project director position who turned out to be one of our best decision so far.

Overall we can say that we were satisfied with the service delivered by Randstad and we can advise to choose them for all those companies who are facing the same issue."

Krisztina Pusztai - Recruitment Head